Keep an Unabridged List of Your Creative Work

I’ve made a lot of videos since I first picked up a camcorder in 2001. Some good, many bad, but all great learning experiences that shaped my skill to what it is today.

For the majority of this time, I would fall in love with my latest creation and toss my previous work into an abyss—ashamed that I ever created it. I never kept my work online for long. It was always being usurped by my latest creation. I now realize this was a missed opportunity. Both in terms of SEO and remembering the journey.

I never think my work is good enough, that’s what keeps me pushing forward and motivated to improve. Creative work is a perishable good. Like a baker’s bread, last month’s batch of bagels is disgusting. If you’re not baking then you’re no longer a baker. You’re known for your product and that product must be fresh. I know video is a little more enduring than a loaf of bread, but sometimes it feels this way.

Since I never thought my old works were any good in comparison to my latest work and my latest work has a shelf life before I frown on it too; it’s easy to see why my YouTube channel is a little empty for a decade worth of creativity.

That being said. The whole catalog of work is impressive in its volume. I luckily kept a list of all my creative work by date. Sometimes I need to be reminded of the journey.

Aaron Garcia
Looking for Opportunities
My name is Aaron Garcia, I graduated Magnum Cum Laude from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. I majored in Communication Arts and have aquired many skills, including but not limited to: video production, photography, social media marketing, WordPress, graphic design and desktop publishing. I am familiar with copyright law, Objective-C, Linux, HTML, CSS and Python (took a free, 1 day, introductory course). I believe I can learn anything.

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