Picking a Song Every Month for 9 Years

This December, I will have picked a song of the month for 9 years straight. It’s a small, personal tradition that I started in 2006. Each month I pick a song that I think is the catchiest. Usually, it’s a new song that I immediately play on repeat.

I feel quite accomplished maintaining a list diligently every month for 9 years. Looking forward to when this list hits 10 years old in December 2016. With that though comes the realization that time is passing quickly. But at least I can look back at each song that represents it’s respective month and see through time. The only other way to remember time is through our large photo libraries and journal entries.

Check out my official list: agarciatv.com/song-of-the-month

Aaron Garcia
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My name is Aaron Garcia, I graduated Magnum Cum Laude from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. I majored in Communication Arts and have aquired many skills, including but not limited to: video production, photography, social media marketing, WordPress, graphic design and desktop publishing. I am familiar with copyright law, Objective-C, Linux, HTML, CSS and Python (took a free, 1 day, introductory course). I believe I can learn anything.

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