Where to get Joli OS 1.2.1 ISO after it’s Discontinued

I’m searching for the ideal operating system to breathe new life into my old Pentium D powered Dell 9100. I came across the below video about Joli OS 1.2.1 and was instantly sold.

I ventured over to the Joli OS website and discovered the OS had been discontinued. They offer a new cloud version that can run in your browser, but it really isn’t an OS any more. It combines access to all of your cloud accounts – useful, but not what I am looking for.

If you’re interested in downloading Joli OS 1.2.1, I found a list of mirrors that are still offering Joli OS for free download.

Click here to download

I plan to upload Joli OS to my severs as well to keep Jolio OS available online perpetually. Enjoy!

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